Marketing team at BikeSportz

Make no mistakes, our dedicated marketing team is intent on delivering stratospheric success across our family and network. We are a hard-working and multi-skilled group of specialists tasked with establishing and maintaining superstar status for each of our premium leading cycling brands within Australia.

Our team must stay several steps ahead of the competition to ensure our brands, partners, and dealers remain the aspirational names consumers covet.

“I've worked with many marketers over a long period of time, and the ones that stand out are the ones that get the fundamentals right first but then spend time on finding the little niches that help move products. The team at BikeSportz are consummate marketers and storytellers. The service is exceptional, their ideas are current, and they have great expertise and knowledge. ❞

Agostino Giramondo, Former AusCycling General Manager

Our specialist marketing skills

Public relations

we assist in reputational brand management and generating or responding to editorial media opportunities, which includes preparing media packs, briefing resources, press releases etc.

Influencer marketing

Working with influential content creators to amplify brand exposure across social media outlets.

Social media advertising

Affiliate marketing

Working with third-party affiliates who can generate sales for brands.

Event management & marketing

Overseeing and executing niche to large-scale events and the promotion thereof.

Native advertising

In-situ advertising and/or product placement in media.
Digital advertising - strategising and implementing online Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns across search engine platforms, such as Google.

Premium quality video content

Scriptwriting and generating content for myriad paid and organic uses across online media.

Contributing to podcasts

that raise brand awareness or individuals representing brands.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing (SEO & SEM)

Strategising and implementing best practices to amplify our brands in search engine organic ranking results.

Point of Sale (POS)

Designing and developing eco-conscious and eye-catching sustainable displays wherever possible.

Email marketing

Devising and disseminating attention-grabbing, ROI-skewed emails to large-volume databases.

Creating and maintaining optimal websites, brand store sites and B2B portals

Developing and maintaining robust dealer programmes

Maintaining and responding to customer reviews & testimonials

We maintain a competitive marketing edge

We maintain a competitive marketing edge

Technology is a deal-breaker. Nowhere is this perhaps more apparent than in the world of marketing, where life moves at a whiplash pace, and audiences are sophisticated and knowledgeable. So a big part of our work is behind the scenes, researching trends and processes to ensure we stay well ahead of the curb.

Our team is composed of individuals with diverse and multi-skilled backgrounds. BikeSportz’s collaborative culture encourages these skills to be shared and amplified. In addition, our professional development policy promotes individual growth that benefits the business, so we’re often logging into marketing think tanks or attending industry initiatives that grow our network and knowledge and fuel our creativity.

Our Hack Games winner

Our Marketing Manager, Rowena Goodwin, flexed her marketing muscle at the recent APAC Hack Games, where she led her team to first place. The event brings together the country’s industry heavyweights who are split into teams and given one day to solve an emerging virtual problem. Nothing like saving the retail world all in a day’s work, Row!

Our Hack Games winner

Recent cycling marketing wins

There are many stand-out marketing moments on the BikeSportz calendar. Two stellar initiatives and team favourites in particular:

Santos Tour Down Under

This is always an opportunity for BikeSportz to bring together the entire team and show what can be achieved with a collective goal. Marketing joined superpowers with Event Management and Design to promote our brands to the global industry and public. From a sleek, enticing race village display store to coveted online promotions, popular group rides and XXX, this was an explosive, non-stop celebration of cycling passion. And it went down a treat with everyone!

Brand Websites

We’ve turned our skills and attention to designing and developing over ten impressive individual brand websites in an effort to deliver a true omnichannel experience for customers. We use these sites as a platform to build customers’ product knowledge, excitement and desire. Think of it a little like a first date. By the time we funnel customers to dealer stores, they’re in the know, ready to buy and keen to go steady.


Contact our marketers

If you have any questions about our campaigns or would like to speak to someone on the marketing team, please contact us.

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Contact our marketers