Supporting dealer
We distribute to the best bike dealers in Australia.

Not only do ‘our’ 1,200+ bike stores stock the most coveted cycling brands on the planet, but they’re owned and run by great people doing amazing things for the sport.

We’ve been working with many of these superstars for over 35 years. Whether the relationship is decades old or brand new, it forms the backbone of our business. So we prioritise our dealers and give them the respect and customer service they deserve.

Providing top-class customer service is just the base level for us (although, granted, our team there does a terrific job setting the bar high)! In addition, we constantly look for other ways to grow our dealer relationships so they know without question just how much we value them.

It’s not enough to supply them with the world’s best cycling products. We want to be a partner for their success.

So, what can you expect if you’re considering joining our incredible dealer network?

Supporting dealer

Bike dealer benefits from BikeSportz

B2B Ordering Platform

Why do we offer it?

Bike dealers are some of the busiest businesses in the country. As much as we love our dealers, we need to do everything to streamline our services and reduce the amount of time you spend with us! Our online one-stop-shop achieves this.

How do dealers benefit?

  • The perfect destination for ordering all BikeSportz brands, as well as accessing marketing resources, submitting warranty claims and more.
  • Features include personalised dashboards, brand pages, CSV file uploading, quick order filters, product pages and access to retailer resources - not to mention back ordering capabilities, Live Chat support and warranty access.
  • B2B

    Exclusive & coveted bike dealer programs

    Why do we offer it?

    Our dealer programs support you to grow your businesses.

    How do dealers benefit?

  • Access to exclusive discounts on products, pro-level service and repair workshops, marketing resources and point of sale, and strategic partnerships with brands that can offer additional benefits for resellers.
  • Technical and customer service support, empowering you to provide the best experience to your customers.
  • Dealer Program

    Dedicated Account Managers

    Why do we offer it?

    Relationships are everything. It never hurts to have a friendly face pop into your store every now and again and just check on how you’re going. When they’re not stopping by, they’re busy behind the scenes supporting you in every way they can.

    How do dealers benefit?

  • A dedicated Account Manager in every state..
  • Assist bike shops in ordering, ranging and stocking our brands.
  • Some of our Account Managers have worked for the business for over 20 years. They know the industry inside-out and can provide our dealers with the best brand advice and news.

    Retailer Resources

    Why do we offer it?

    To support you with all possible background information and data needed to empower your sales & marketing teams.

    How do dealers benefit?

  • Everything you need to feel ready to sell and promote - product images, catalogues, email campaigns, social media, website banners.

    Point of Sale

    Why do we offer it?

    To help you make the most of every marketing opportunity without doing the grunt work yourself.

    How do dealers benefit?

  • All materials you want to showcase your products, including custom banners, promotional stands, and marketing material.
  • Vibrant banners are a great way to advertise and attract potential customers.
  • Promotional stands are perfect for displaying information such as pricing, promotions and special offers in an eye-catching, attention-grabbing way.
  • POS

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