When dealing with the best cycling brands on the planet, it is rare to come across a faulty part or a flaw. However, premium brands provide premium support, and that’s why we have excellent warranties across all our products.

With some of the most experienced and talented bike mechanics in Australia working at BikeSportz, we’re quick to troubleshoot. Whether it’s talking something through over the phone or dealing with it hands-on, our team is here to help our bike dealers in a heartbeat.

The team is also available to share their incredible biking knowledge and will relish the opportunity to talk technical!

A simple & fast warranty and faulty parts ticket system

BikeSportz uses a unique ticket system for all stock and warranty returns to streamline support requests. A valid email address is required to generate a ticket.

If you need to return goods, please label the box with the TN number so we know what it is upon arrival at our warehouse. We provide complete archives and history of all your support requests.

ticket system

Adding value with in-house cycling service centres

What is one of the ways a premier cycling distributor can best support bike dealers and brands? Operating brand-centric customer service centres under its own roof, something we’ve been doing for several years.

Official Bosch service centres in Australia

In 2019 the Bosch Training Centre opened at BikeSportz – a dedicated area where Bosch technicians train mechanics who work throughout Australia’s accredited Bosch service centres. A global supplier of premium eBike technology, Bosch already enjoyed outstanding support from BikeSportz customer service, sales and marketing teams; adding a service centre has reinforced and strengthened that relationship and level of assistance.

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Official Bosch service centres in Australia
Reynolds Wheels, Bryton, Hope & Campagnolo service centre

Reynolds Wheels, Bryton, Hope & Campagnolo service centre

We have been the Campagnolo, Bryton, Hope & Reynolds Wheels distributor for many, many years. The official service centres for all four brands are located in our warehouse facilities. From this location, dedicated brand employees fulfil warranties and conduct thorough, specialist maintenance work.

Our excellent warranties and brand service centres are just two of the ways we ensure the best possible customer experience. It’s a pleasure to distribute these premium brands in Australia and provide outstanding support to our bike dealer network and beyond.

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